Friday, 13 September 2013

A few last!

Things have been very hectic of late, they usually are. My wife and I have moved from one flat to another and I have had a career change, all in one month! Although I haven't been able to do any painting I have been able to take a couple of pictures of some my growing painted collection. I put this mob together to represent the Duke of Buckingham's entourage.

Well here are the pictures.

Finally I have just bought Bosworth Revisited by Glenn Foard and Ann Curry. I have taken a quick look at the book and have finished the introduction. It's going to make for an interesting read. I let you know how I get on.


  1. I would say the Duke of Buckingham is a lucky guy, to have a mob this good! Lovely work, even if it isn't my era.

  2. Very nice painting and basing. It looks like they're being chased by lizards and a tank

  3. Your not wrong there, although it would take more than that to put those men down. We have a regular session at our local club where we display what we have been currently painting.