Sunday, 29 September 2013

Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond WIP

My wife and I have now moved into our new flat and although there is still some sorting to be done ( not too much) I have been able to sort out some time for building and painting collection. To kick off the autumnal painting season I have chosen to paint some more cavalry, this time the infamous Earl of Richmond, Henry Tudor.

The models behind the Earl are more of the mounted men-at-arms. I started them quite some time ago, so they have been picked out for completion. I am a little unsure as to what to paint on the herald, I suppose technically I should paint the heraldic arms of Henry, however, having come from France I may paint him in the livery colours of Henry Tudor. If I go for the heraldic coat of arms, I'll need a steady hand and some new eyes, it's achievable but I am a little concerned about the end results. I don't want blobs of colour to represent the coat of arms of the Richmond!

As for standards and flags, the men-at-arms will carry the heraldic flags of the Earl of Richmond, and sir William Brandon, Henry's standard bearer at the the Battle of Bosworth Field. I have the Freezywater flags which I will overpaint to keep the colour balance with the miniatures themselves.

My next step is to finish undercoating the rest of the models and then proceed with painting the horses before moving onto the men themselves. I recently took a look at the work of Captain Blood's War of the Roses miniatures and I do like the way he has painted his lances. I may attempt to do these lances in a similar fashion, so as to add to the pageantry.

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