Sunday, 18 August 2013

Carry cases and bases

Well after some rejigging I have managed to organise carry cases for the cavalry, majority of the infantry and wagons. As well as this the bases from Oshiro Model Terrain came down recently. The movement trays are made of clear acrylic and fit 2p pieces, the cavalry bases fit the oval bases which are 25mm wide and 50mm long. The edges are rounded as I am trying to reduce the number of sharp corners as I want a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

As I have now organised the carry cases I can start painting again as I needed to put the finished models somewhere. I met Keith Ainslie from Empress Miniatures at my local wargames club here in Jersey. It was lovely to meet him and I look forward to seeing his wares at Salute 2014.


  1. It was a pleasure to meet you too Richard!
    Your billman and cavalry bases that you had at the club looked great - you should post them up here.
    Currently eyeing up a stack of WOTR plastics here ...

  2. Hi Keith, I'll be posting the pictures very soon. However the business of moving house is currently in full swing! Normal service will resume very soon.