Friday, 6 November 2015

A Pilgrimage of sorts

Early last month I travelled to the north of England to take in the RWC 2015, watch a couple of the games at St. James' Park and see family I hadn't seen for some time. Amongst all this my wife, Andrea and I were able to travel down to Leicester to see the new Visitor centre and the tomb of Richard III.

The visitor centre is really well laid out, with the ground floor set out with the events leading to King Richard's death at the Battle of Bosworth Field, whilst the first floor presents the remarkable story of the excavation of his bones.

Afterwards we walked across to the Cathedral to see his tomb. I really enjoyed the centre, even though I knew the story and I think it is fitting that King Richard's bones have been interred in Leicester Cathedral.

Surprisingly I didn't take that many pictures as I was engrossed in what I was seeing. However, here are a few of the better photos I took. If you have been to the cathedral and visitor centre it would be good to hear your feedback.

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