Thursday, 30 May 2013

Back on track...

Well it has been some time since the last post. Nothing new there! Real life has been extremely demanding of late and I have had to concentrate on other things. However, I have had a week off and have been able to spend a little time trying to finish off bits and pieces.

I am still working towards painting Buckingham's retinue. If you take a look at my counter I have completed the billmen and all the Men-At-Arms I'll need. In between painting the models required for the skirmish I have rebased Oxford's retinue of bowmen, including the man himself and his retinue of billmen.

What I need to acquire  next is a carry case for the cavalry, more bases and movement trays. I have a clear goal, it's just a case of finding the time. As for photographing the models, I will have to sort something out, the facilities I have just aren't good enough here at home. As soon as I get some more photos I'll post them up.

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  1. No problem, Richard - real life can always be a problem, and annoyingly it often has to come first! Good luck with the ongoing project, and I'll look forward to when you can post some figures.