Sunday, 3 August 2014

Horse Painting Part II

It's been a little while since I last posted something on this blog, however I have not been idle. Between the melee of real life I have managed to paint up six scurrours in the livery of the Duke of Buckingham. I don't have any pictures at the moment but I will try to take some later in the month at my local club meet.

The horses were base coated with Humbrol enamels. I left the models to dry for a couple of days so as the enamel paint could harden properly before applying the oil paint. This was wiped off leaving the oil paint in the recesses of the miniature. I put these aside for a another couple of days so as the oil paint would harden before finishing off the models with Foundry acrylics. I was really pleased with the look of the horses. So far only these six are fully completed but I have base coated about twenty to thirty more. The riders did not take long and I was happy with the decals I applied to the livery coats.

I have also completed six archers in the same livery. I am currently finishing off eight Breton/French Partisanmen mercenaries and another eight billmen in the livery of Richard III. I have also built thirty crossbowmen with another ten to go. All of these will be painted in French/Breton liveries.

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