Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Rally to to the Standards

Part of the pomp and pageantry of a medieval wargame are heraldic flags and standards on display. Whilst I have identified the key protagonists on all sides for the Battle of Exeter I have noticed that there is a lack of heraldic flags.

I have trawled through my reference books, particularly those published by Freezywater Publishing. So far I have identified the following individuals who I almost certainly use to add variety and colour to the battle lines.

Sir Thomas Vaughan (Buckingham)
Sir William Alington (Richard III)
Sir Richard Beauchamp (Buckingham)
Sir John Babington (Buckingham)
Sir Henry de Bodrugan (Richard III)
Sir Thomas Granville (Richard III)
Sir Ralph Greystoke ( Richard III)
Sir Edward Carew (Tudor)
Sir Philip Courtenay (Richard III)
Sir Walter Courtenay (Buckingham)
Sir John Dynham (Richard III)
Sir Richard Corbett (Tudor)
Sir Thomas Kynaston (Tudor)
Sir Giles Talbot (Tudor)
Sir Giles Daubney (Tudor)
Sir John Sayntlo (Buckingham)
Sir James Blount (Buckingham)
Sir Hugh Peshall (Buckingham)
Sir John Brooke (Richard III)
Sir John Risley (Tudor)
Sir James Tyrell (Richard III)
Sir Robert Willoughby (Buckingham)
Sir George Brown (Buckingham)
Sir Nicholas Gaynesford (Buckingham)
Sir John Norbury (Richard III)
Sir Thomas St. Leger (Buckingham)
Sir Thomas Lewknor (Buckingham)

In addition to these heraldic flags I will also include livery banners of the key factions. This will, I hope, create another dynamic to the battle aesthetics and add a little confusion to the players who take part in the game. They'll have to keep their eyes open. More on that in future post.

If anyone out there has any suggestions for other individuals who may have been able to take part in my fictitious battle please let me know and leave a comment, including what their heraldic flag looked like.


  1. He never ventured to Exeter as far as I know but Lord Dudley was an interesting character with a distinctive flag. Plus he and his family were early supporters of Richard III (if that helps).



    1. Thanks for the name, I will take a look and see if we can't fit him in.