Monday, 21 April 2014

The Battle of Exeter 1483

For some time I have been reading the book Buckingham's Rebellion. The rebellion took place in 1483 not long after Richard had ascended the throne. Henry Stafford the Duke of Buckingham through in his lot with Henry Tudor. The rebellion did not last long, for although it had political clout, especially in the south of the country it did not have the military backing it needed in order to force Richard into open battle.

With this in mind I have thought about 'what if it did have the military support?' To this end I am re-focussing my direction for my late period War of the Roses on this fictitious battle which took place outside the walls of Exeter on the 9th November 1483.

I will update soon with the orders of battle for the three factions with a timeline of the events leading up to the battle.


  1. Looking forwards to seeing where you go with this... Buckingham was potentially in line for the throne himself, so is he 'Kingmaker Mk. II' or does he have his own game plan? Good stuff though!

  2. I think he had his own game plan, perhaps he had a hand in the murder of the princes in the tower?