Sunday, 12 January 2014

Battle of Sodbury Marsh

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of entertaining a few friends with a 15mm War of the Roses battle. It was a fictional encounter between Edward the IV and the old Earl of Oxford. The rules of choice were A Coat of Steel by the Perfect Captain. I hadn't used the rules for quite some time, however once play was underway the mechanics came back to me. Only one of the players had used the rules before but they all got with the rules pretty well.

I took a few photos with my ipad and I am reasonably pleased with the results. I haven't written up a detailed account of the battle as I am pushed for time. What I can say is the Lancastrians gave them a good shock initially, but after some time the more heavily armoured Royal army began to tell.


  1. Lovely looking game - somebody spent a lot of time on those terrain tiles!

    1. The tiles were made about 25 years ago for a Normandy WW2 game. These 3 were tarted up about 4 years ago. They still look pretty good!