Monday, 18 February 2013

A basing odyssey

Over the last ten years my approach to basing miniatures has developed. As you can see from the last post I have now found a method which is aesthetically pleasing, well to my eyes anyway. However this really has been a trial and error approach with plenty of research mixed in.

The old days...

I then developed my basing style to this only a few years ago...

So you see it has been a well trodden path of experimentation. I have now finally arrived at the 2p bases which not only provides as decent base for these models but it quite a lot cheaper than many commercial bases.

That said I will need to shell out some money to acquire some movement trays. This will be achieved in one of two ways; the first will be to buy 2p movement trays from The alternative is contact James from He has fabricated some Perspex rings for Captain Blood to create his own, streamlined movement trays. Which ever way I use I will be much happier as I feel the way the models will be presented on the tabletop will feel far more authentic. The other positive of basing the miniatures individually is I have several carry cases with foam for individual models lying dormant.

The final basing dilemma is what should I do with basing my cavalry on single bases?

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  1. I'm in the same place with cav basing. Initially, I'm fine using 40mm Renedra rounds as I'm planning to use Dux Brit rules initially for my Westeros project.

    However, I'm already sketching out a WotRoses project for next year and basing depends on rules sets (for the most part).

    Silent Invader's "By Arrow, Bill and Sword" looks promising.

    I'm also considering Terry Gore's "Medieval Warfare", which I just purchased but have not parsed yet.

    Additionally, there are Hail Caesar and even The Perfect Captain's "A Coat of Steel", which looks very thoughtful, but also very involved with lots of cards and counters to be printed and laminated.

    Somewhere in the near future I want to read through each in succession to decide which one will best fit my group's preferences.

    One possibility comes from Finiature's blog -

    It's effortful, but would allow best of both worlds.

    Collegial food for thought!