Monday, 18 June 2012

Bosworth Orbats - Second Revision

Having played a game of A Coat of Steel I have decided to revise the Orbats for the respective sides. This hasn't adversely affected the size of the units, but it has allowed me to base miniatures according to their quality. MAA/pike - 4 models to a stand Retinue Bowmen/levy billmen/crossbowmen - 3 models to a stand Levy bowmen/hand gunners - 2 models to a base This also means that I'll have more miniatures to go round which means that in time I'll be able to put on the Battle of Towron as a large club game...hopefully! One aspect of A Coat of Steel is that Men At Arms and Retinue Billmen are not discreet units, rather they are combined on a stand. This will allow me to be a little more creative with how I want the models to look on their bases.

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  1. Hi Richard
    I am also building forces for A Coat of Steel. I understand that Well Wishers can show up with billmen. However, if Riding Retinue MAA are all heavily armoured pole-armed, sword or halberds, do you have any units of retinue billmen for your Magnates? That is, full stands of retinue billmen, not one or two incorporated into the MAA stands. The Rules don't seem to consider billmen as retinue troops. I have quite a few Perry retinue archers and billmen. I'd like to think I can use them!