Sunday, 4 August 2019

Project Update

Okay, so I haven't been entirely idle. But things have been a little slow on the Battle of Exeter project front. I have managed to finish painting my french archers, thirty models in all. I have also bought some of the excellent CitadelSix livery transfers. I have also purchased some more Really Useful boxes in anticipation of getting more units painted.

On the rules front I have been reviewing the Perry Miniatures Facebook site, who use the Hail Caesar rules by Warlord Games and am looking at using the amended rules which can be found on there.

It has been quite the slog to get it this far, I am not a speedy painter although I am finding ways to speed up the process. I have to remind myself I'm painting for a war game, not a competition. The style and technique I am now using is pleasing to my eye at least and is getting results quickly. Big thank you to Aly Morrison's blog. The homemade dip/wash is excellent!

I have nearly finished Tudor's battle, all that remains is some cavalry and one more household unit, complete with Billmen and Bowmen and the odd flag. With that in mind I am being more careful about how I am putting my units together as they are now multi-based, which in turn is creating more dynamism in the stands.

Still, I'll need to back up all this with photographs. I will post some once Tudor's battle is complete. Until then, I'll see how I get on.

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